Three important and distinct ways the Mini-Gastric Bypass helps your body to shed pounds.

Restrictive - A Small stomach pouch is created restricting the amount of food you can eat.

Malabsorptive - A portion of the small intestine is bypassed. Since the small intestine is responsible for absorbing the calories from the food you eat, bypassing a portion of the small intestine results in fewer calories being absorbed, thus creating additional weight loss.

Hormonal - The hormone ghrelin has been nicknamed the "Hunger Hormone" by researchers because of its significant effect on appetite. Gastric Bypass results in a fall in ghrelin levels resulting in a reduced appetite.

Surgical Time: 45 mins – 1 hour Approx
Hospitalization: 2 days
Recuperation Time : 4 days


  • Average of 77% of excess body weight loss one year after surgery.
  • Studies show that even after 14 years of surgery, patients have maintained 80% of excess body weight loss.
  • Study of 20000 patients showed that 96% of associated health conditions were improved or resolved, including back pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes and depression.
  • In most cases patients report an early sense of fullness, combined with a sense of satisfaction, that reduces the desire to excessive eating.