Cosmetic surgery procedure which removes extra fat from the body is known as LIPOSUCTION. Fat which is deposited under the skin anywhere in the body could be sucked out . Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery operation done world wide.

Figure conscious persons who are aware of the importance of smart good looking body shape wants to get there lost figure and shape by getting removed extra deposited fat by Liposuction technique . In experienced and expert hands of a certified cosmetic surgeon, this is quite safe and simple operation. This gives permanent result as fat is removed along with fat cells.


Liposuction is perform under anesthesia, may be Local, Regional or General. Choice of the anesthesia largely depends on the patients and is decided accordingly .

Lipolysis solution is first of all injected into the fat layer in good amount this is to facilitate fat suction through small bore cannula.


5 to 10mm cut is given, liposuction cannula is passed through this hole in to the fat layer. Other end of the cannula is attached to the powerful suction machine. With to and fro controlled motions of the cannula, fat along with the fat cells is sucked out and collected in to the machine.

After the procedure is over pressure dressing is applied to obliterate the dead space and allow the skin to fix with the deeper layers. Usually it takes 60-90 minutes for the operation. Patients can go back home same evening or next morning.


During the post operative period patients is required to use compression garments . This allows faster healing less swelling and less pain . Patients feel comfortable using pressure garment which is thin light and is worn under any type of dress.


This is my modification to the exciting liposuction procedures. With this technique we can do liposuction frequently in those patients who wish to get in shape and figure by reducing from many parts. This technique is safe RLSI helps to suck out fat from more than one part at one time, for the remaining parts liposuction is carried out after 48-72 hours. With this operation fat is suck out from almost all body parts within one week (instead of waiting for 3-6 months or more).

Need for modification to the exciting technique of liposuction was felt after seeing lots of bulky patients from Punjab and Northern India. These patients were willing to get into shape at the earliest. To satisfy the needs of such patients "Repeated liposuctions at shorter Intervals" was designed. RLSI is safe, gives results of liposuction faster and is economical.